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World Leading Science Collaboration

The Berkshire Science Group is a collective of scientists in various fields dedicated to human optimisation using the latest advances in science and technology


The Promise Of Open Science Collaboration

Done well, open collaboration can radically transform scientific practice. Scientific expertise is distributed across many minds, but scientific problems are rarely localized to the existing expertise of one or a few minds.

Broadcasting problems openly increases the odds a person with the right expertise will see it and be able to solve it easily. This means that solutions can be identified quickly rather than requiring lots of additional self-training by the idea originator (who may not even know what training to get).

Likewise, with many people drawing on distinct expertise, novel solutions may emerge rapidly that would not have been identified by individuals or small groups. In addition to better and faster problem-solving, open projects can be more ambitious because more areas of expertise (and hands) can contribute to a problem without as much time or resource investment by any individual. For example, it is much easier to contribute on issues that are central to one's skills/expertise than to build new expertise.

Simultaneous knowledge gain for each contributor can be rapid because they learn from each other's contributions on a shared problem. Finally, there are many ways to contribute productively on large-scale projects--data coding, collection, analysis, writing, conceptualisation, design, coordination, etc. In such projects, all contributions are essential and valued, meaning that many areas and levels of expertise can contribute productively together--from senior expert to citizen scientist.

Berkshire Science Group Is The UK's Leading Science Collaboration Collective

With over 60 years of combined scientific research and formulation experience, our team is second to none. Where as other run-of-the-mill supplement manufacturers order 'ready made' formulas, we pride ourselves as producing bespoke formulations based our own cutting edge research.

Unlike most of our competitors who order their raw materials cheaply from China, we source everything we use right here in the UK. This means we can provide the absolute best quality materials in all our formulations, and everything is traceable back to a source in the UK.


Meet The Team

Francis Johnstone- PROGRAM DIRECTOR

Francis Johnstone, who oversees all our operations, implemented the Integrated Assessment program, including introducing the idea to the research community, Francis is also experienced leading interdisciplinary teams informed by multi-sector advisory groups to address challenging health issues. Francis serves as the Berkshire Science Group's principal investigator, provides overall program leadership, and manages the day-to-day activities of the Berkshire Science Group's Collaborative program.


Andrew Johnstone coordinates the Berkshire Science Group's regular request for proposal process and serves as a project manager for research and science transfer projects. He is highly experienced engaging multi-disciplinary, multi-sector teams to develop and implement end user-driven health research projects. 



Adrian Smith is Science Writer for the Berkshire Science Group's Science Collaborative. Adrian leads the development of products that integrate across projects, writes news articles and the monthly program updates, and runs the program’s Collaborative Science for Berkshire Science Groups webinars



Ben Mills is the Nutritional Program Manager for the Berkshire Science Group's Science CollaborativeBen has worked with nutritional research programs for over 12 years and over the last 8 years has focused on managing nutritional technology development and applied science programs that link science to decision-making in the reserves.



Diego joined the Berkshire Science Group in 2019 to support the program in the research and development of new nutritional techniques and formulations. He brings a multidisciplinary background with expertise in project management and communications.