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Cod Liver Oil Plus - JiuJitsu40+ Range

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Cod Liver Oil Plus - JiuJitsu40+ Range - Berkshire Science Group

Max potency for fighters

  • MAXIMUM POTENCY FOR JIU JITSU ATHLETES- The Bioactive Ingredients EPA DHA are the key Omega 3 Fatty Acids found in Fish. Our Omega 3 capsules contain 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA levels compare to other brands with 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA. Each softgel provides a ratio of 1.5:1 EPA and DHA which is the optimal ratio recommended by many health specialists while vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect your cells from damage.
  • FRESHNESS - As an Antioxidant, the small addition of Vitamin E is added in our capsules to prevent oxidation or rancidity of the Fish Oil that can lose some of its efficiency. Our Omega-3 Wild Cod Liver Oil is purified with molecular distillation for maximum purity and freshness.
  • HEALTH PROVEN BENEFITS OF FISH OIL - DHA EPA Fish oil and vitamin E work in combination to promote Heart Health, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Eyesight, Brain Health, Skin Health Improved Mood & Focus, Less Daily Stress, Improved Immune System Support & Booster, Reduces Inflammation and Helps with Joint Pain Relief, Improved Fat Burning and Preserving of Lean Muscle, Improved Bone Health, Healthy Blood Pressure, Reduce Skin Problems and Helps Prevent Aging. Everything you need to keep rolling into your later years.
  • RELIABLE- Our Omega-3 Wild Cod Liver Oil capsules are 3rd Party Tested for environmental contaminants such as heavy metals. In addition, all products are tested for microbial, PCBs and Dioxins to ensure purity and safety
  • PROUDLY BRITISH - Berkshire Science Group products are produced in the UK and complying with strict dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

More than anything else, the greatest threat to our health as BJJ fighters is inflammation. A lot of supplements are trying to give you extra good things; Wild Cod Liver Oil on the other hand directly deals with our biggest threat and mitigates it. That's what supplements are supposed to do, not solve or cure, but to supplement and mitigate. Anti-oxidants are very beneficial, so are vitamins. What we also need is something that will lower our inflammation because even with a healthy diet, inflammation is nearly impossible to avoid in the modern world.

There are 3 omega fats, omega-3, 6, and 9. Our bodies cannot make omega-3 and 6. Our bodies can make omega-9 fatty acids and it is the most abundant in nature, and we can use it as a substitute in our bodies for omega-3 and 6.

There is a balance between 3 and 6, a ratio we need to uphold. Omega-6 being the inflammatory fatty acids that we need and the omega-3 being the anti-inflammatory fatty acids that our body needs. The problem is we have too much omega-6 in our diet. Practically every man made food has it. The other problem being too much sugar, which is the other form of inflammation.

Our Wild Cod Liver Oil+ Complex is designed to delivery the highest dosages of the omega oil spectrum. Fish oil is a must for any serious Judoka and our blend is designed with that in mind

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