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The Best Supplements for Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, MMA, Combat Sports, and More

Hardcore combat sports are driven by the need to be able to apply constant physical pressure during contests. It doesn't matter which discipline: Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, MMA, jiu jitsu, no gi, judo or wrestling; Athletes in the combat sports world all have their physiological systems tested and challenged to the maximum whilst competing.

At the same time, these combat sport athletes have to exert maximum physical pressure and force while trying to maintain bodyweight to stay in a weight class, and so this relative strength is a much better option than hypertrophy.

For them to be able to operate and perform at this elite level, their training and diet also requires an optimisation of their dietary supplementation intake. In this article, we will try and demystify and outline some of the best supplements for combat sports athletes.

Production of Power

As stated previously, power endurance and anaerobic metabolic capacity are crucial for a competative combat sports athlete to be able to keep performing at a level of high intensity for the duration of the match or fight. This will no doubt include the use of jiu jitsu, bjj, MMA, boxing, kickboxing and grappling.

There are supplements that are perfect for helping with these skills.

#1 Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fatty acids are critical and have many benefits for a combat sports athlete.

A perfect example is that taking omega 3 greatly improves insulin sensitive protein metabolism and because of this, it allows greater degrees of protein synthesis and lean muscle body gains as a response to consistent exercise.

Also, the physical changes in the actual muscle tissue convert into spcific gains in strength. Whats odd is researchers have discovered massive increases in grip strength which obviously translates well into combat sports such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, grappling, and wrestling.

A big factor in combat sports is how effecient is the cardiovascular function and whole body oxigen consumption. Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids greatly improve this function and allows the combat athlete to benefit from greater aerobic performance during training and competition.

On top of the better response to training sessions in combat sports, omega 3 reduces the soreness from exercise induced muscle damage which allows faster and better recovery times between training sessions and competitions

Omega 3 supplements can also prevent injury because of its positive effects on bone density in combat sports athletes. Bone density is a significant risk to striking athletes such as boxers, kick boxers, MMA athletes and so on.

#2 Multivitamins

Combat sports athletes, Especially those in the non-striking arts such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, train with such regularity and intensity that it becomes a factor when talking about overtraining. Overtraining is a big problem in the world of combat sports. Ad this to the dietary restrictions needed for cutting weight to make a specific weight class, means the combat athlete is at high risk of suffering with a nutritional deficiency. The most common of which is an iron deficiency, but this is not the only one seen in these athletes.

There have been multiple studies done over the decades on grapplers which indicate that the restrictions placed on the combat athletes diet leading up to competitions when weight cutting and dehydrating were enough to effect muscular performance and reduce protein nutrition.

Some such studies have also reported the effects of cultural and social factors in some of the combat sports communities around the world which has an effect of the quality of diet available to them.

With all this evidence leaning towards an insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals in the modern diet, it is only right to suggest that combat sports athletes should be supplementing with multivitamins on a regular basis. This is very important, especally during times like weight cuts, or prolonged dehydration periods before competitions.

#3 Recovery Formulation

Studies have shown that combat sports atheltes such as those who practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, or any of the other grappling arts, benefit greatly from supplementing some form of recovery formula. Zinc Magnesium and B6 are a few of the top ones to use.

Taken at night just before bedtime, these supplements can greatly improve the combat athletes ability to recover and repair while they sleep.

What To Make of All This

Just like any physical program, a combat sports athlete should balance their diet with their supplement regime and structure it towards success.


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